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I’m Chuck McNeil and I started with M365 in early February of this year as I wanted a little experience with Azure Active Directory, Autopilot, and Intune. In May, I (unknowingly) started a project at home. I started with an Azure tenant and one Office license and somehow now have 3 E3 accounts with Advanced Threat Protection. What started as a hobby quickly turned into early mornings and all-nighters!

For the last four years the majority of the users that I support are remote. I was already working at home before the pandemic hit and then it seemed the whole world was sent home to work with the exception of all the medical workers, store clerks, truck drivers, and so many more heroes that have risked their own health to help others. Anyway, I started with Intune and created an image that was better, and more automated than I have ever made with WDS/MDT. I have used a bunch of other deployment tools and I like Autopilot and Intune the best so far. I love demonstrating it, so if you have a machine with a licensed version of Windows 10 Pro that you can wipe, email me. Its pretty cool and efficient. 😁 (There are more features with Enterprise though)

Obviously I did not write the articles that I post here. Most of the stuff here I have done so I just post it, for myself as a reference and if it helps someone else than that is a bonus. I don’t change anything and try to leave the author and his or her links, bio or whatever credits I can give. If you see something that is yours and you want me to take it down then please email support@bridec.com. If you have any comments, suggestions or just want to drop me a line you can email cmcneil@bridec.com.

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